Taylor Swift and Me


Viviana Calderon, Contributor

Watching the “Bad Blood” music video by Taylor Swift as a 10 year old in elementary school, was a life changing experience. Listening to Taylor Swift as a child was honestly too real. Even now when I listen to 1989, her fifth studio album, I get such a big wave of nostalgia. I have been a fan of Taylor Swift since I was a child. Over the years, her music has become such an essential part of my life. Whether it is staying up until midnight for her announcements of new albums or even getting excited when I hear her playing in the most random places. Just like music is as essential to any other high school student, personally Taylor Swift has been there for me since day one. 

To me, music is such an essential part of life and really shows who you are as a person. Whether you listen to rap, hip hop, alternative, pop, country, or electronic music–music really helps you along the way. Whether it is the intense lyrics or the beat of your favorite song, over the years I’ve noticed how music is able to shape who you are and helps you deal with any experience you might be going through. Whether going through a break up, personal conflict, stress, happiness, or even just feeling something; music can help alleviate those feelings and make you feel complete. 

Although I have a wide range of music taste, Taylor Swift will always be the one I go to when feeling sad, happy, or any emotion. Why? Well because she has a song for literally everything.“She has a song for any situation,” says my friend Jeydi. If I am feeling slightly sad I will always play Evermore which is her ninth studio album, specifically her songs “Marjorie” or “Evermore with Bon Iver Vincent. If I am feeling happy I always go to 1989, Reputation, or really any of her albums. If I want to go back to my childhood, Speak Now and Fearless, Taylor’s Version for both of course, will always hit the right spot. I have come across so many songs from her discography that I can always connect to a specific event in my life which is exactly why I admire her as an individual and song-writer. She is able to capture a feeling in each song that honestly always leaves me in awe; no matter the amount of times I have listened to them. Some songs even make my body have chills because of the memories that are tied to them.

Having a specific music artist that I can go to when I want to listen to something that will always comfort me has helped me along my personal life journey and throughout my school years as well. Which is why I feel like everyone should always try to find music that helps them grow, feel joy, and overall just have someone or something that you will always find enjoyment too. Of course, having different artists is always an option as well. Being able to find music that you finally feel like yourself is something that I always aim to tell people. 

There was a specific moment in my life when I became aware of her impact. It was during the fall of last year. I, although I am very embarrassed to share, had recently discovered the song “Marjorie” which is from her Evermore album. The very instant I played the song, I began tearing up. I think it was because the weather was gloomy and my mood was really down overall, but the song made me feel alive in a way. I heavily related to the lyrics, especially with what I was going through at the time and the way she told a story in this song. Now, the song still reminds me of that time yet I don’t tear up. Instead, I appreciate the lyrics and music. It helped me through such a difficult time and I expected to hate the song since I played it so much, but surprisingly I actually was able to find comfort in it. 

From this experience, I became more aware of the lyrics in some of my favorite songs. I began to understand the stories being told in songs that I loved. Being able to understand the different meanings to a specific song is something that has taught me to appreciate the creativity of many different music artists. Songs can bring so much impact to someone depending on their take on the meaning of the songs. During my school years, particularly my senior year of high school, I was able to become friends with others who also appreciated the work put into the music that they loved. 

Her ability to create music and grow within each album surprises me every single time. To think now, as a child listening to her made me so happy and it still does. It is something that not every artist can give to you.  Now, I still listen to her music of course. I listen to her at least every day and since summer is around the corner, 1989 will be playing 24/7. I am very grateful for the music she has provided to her fans. It has helped many in their personal lives and she leaves a great impact for future generations. Now, I am just waiting for school to end and July to come as fast as it can to see her live in Santa Clara. Will I cry? Yes, but of pure happiness.