Advisor’s Note: Welcome to the First Issue of Off the Leash


Mr. Simmons, Advisor

I am happy to bring you the first issue of Off the Leash. I hope this digital publication becomes a San Rafael High School tradition. The students in Lit 12 Journalism are excited to share their stories and ideas with all members of the school community. That, of course, means parents, teachers, staff, neighbors, alums, board members, administrators, and coaches as well as students. In educating stakeholders and inspiring authentic debate, we hope this publication helps nourish our community.

We want you to get involved. While the staff consists of students in Lit 12 Journalism, we encourage students, teachers, and administrators to submit editorials and personal essays to the Community Voices section. Connect with me at [email protected] to discuss ideas. The staff awaits!

This first issue is designed to share student reporting and writing. This is the inaugural year of Off the Leash, so we’ll be figuring out this project as it’s shared with you, shaping the look and content, adding and adjusting new ideas as they come to us.

If you have constructive suggestions for making this publication better, please share them with me. We know there’s room for improvement!

Thanks for reading.