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Community Liaison by Day, Cheer Coach in the Evening

SRHS Alum Kellyn Garcia Salinas is busy.

On the second floor in the CCC you can find Kellyn Garcia Salinas, a San Rafael High School Alum employed as one of the Community Liaisons. Every Monday through Thursday at 4:00p.m and from that time forward until 6:30 p.m., she is a Junior Varsity All Girl Coach for the SRHS cheerleading program.  

Garcia has always been part of the San Rafael community. She attended San Pedro Elementary, Davidson Middle School, and San Rafael High School. She graduated in 2019 and headed to the University of Redlands. 

Kellyn is a first-generation student. She was also the first family member to leave home for school. “I was the first one to actually leave. It wasn’t just 30 minutes to an hour away, it was seven to eight hours away. It was different,” stated Kellyn.

Garcia majored in Business Management with a Minor in Spanish and Race and Ethnic Studies. She found Redlands to be a bit difficult at first but asserted it was one the best decisions she has ever made. 

As a newly graduate from Redlands, she made her way back into her hometown. Garcia was influenced to obtain her employment by her best friend who is the Community Liaison at Glenwood Elementary and also the other SRHS JV Coach.

Garcia’s charmingly organized office and friendly smile reveals the determination she has for her job. As many Hispanic SRHS students and parent’s preferred language or only language is Spanish, Garcia provides help with translating questions or documents. She helps Spanish speakers get involved at school or catch up with upcoming school events so they stay informed. Garcia also helps with translations with the Individualized Education Program (IEP). Within those translations she helps students and their families with learning disabilities or accommodations know what help they can receive at SRHS. Recently, she has helped lead SELAC (School English Learners Advisory Council) meetings along with other school staff. These are assembled to speak about the school’s important topics with parents. The process of reclassification and the schools goals are explained to parents as well as how it can affect their children.

“With my skills at being bilingual I want to be able to create that change with families. It makes me feel good knowing I can help someone else get more information or knowledge about a certain topic especially when it comes to school,” said Garcia proudly.

After her job, she stays on campus until 6:30 p.m. to coach the SRHS JV cheer team. 

While she was in high school, she cheered all her four years and was always involved in it one way or another. During her senior year she had been part of the Varsity Co-ed Competition team for many years. At that time the JV group was in need of extra help. It was easier to help the team coming from someone who was a familiar face and already part of their cheer community. Therefore, mid-season Garcia started going in early for JV practice in order to help. After providing assistance she would then go to her Varsity practice. From there on she has continued to coach JV cheer, it’s something that she’s still passionate about.

Garcia’s personality consists of determination and focus filled with lots of constant laughter. Everyone that I spoke to about Kellyn mentioned at least once or many more times that when conversing it’s always filled with laughs. When interviewing Garcia there were a few smiles and giggles let out by both of us. 

“As long as everyone has the same vibe we should be fine, I would rather be laughing and happy than to be sad or depressed,” said Garcia.

Madison Lopez, a sophomore SRHS cheerleader, said, “Kellyn is funny and has a good attitude all the time. I truly admire her dancing skills.”

Jackelyn Gonzalez, a sophomore cheerleader, said Kellyn is very understanding, “She just gets it. What I mostly enjoy about her is her personality; she’s chill, hella funny, she is me. My favorite memory of us is just laughing.”

“I barely met Kellyn this year. So far I’ve enjoyed the special moments we’ve had together like hitting my first full out. She’s a very generous and funny person,” said Ariana Mejia, a freshman cheerleader.

Garcia relishes the bonds she creates with her team. “These kids always keep me on my toes,” she said. “Their growth motivates me and I’m always going to be there to help whether it’s personally or as an athlete.”

On the days where she is not at school or has no plans she spends her time with family and friends. She is always willing to try new things. Garcia also enjoys baking and cooking with her mother or on her own. She likes going to popular artists and Spanish concerts. She has attended many concerts, such as Bad Bunny, YG, Shawn Mendez and Karol G. Garcia also has planned to attend more concerts, including another Bad Bunny concert this year in San Francisco. 

“I like going to concerts. On the weekends sometimes I’m not even in Marin County. I hope to one day see Ariana Grande, as she is my favorite artist and I would love to see her live,” said Garcia.

She still sees herself still here in the next couple of years. Her main plan in college was to become an event planner and manage concerts and festivals. Considering her major she would like to initiate a small business. 

Garcia stated she aspires to plan for her future that connects with her major, “I am a business major so I would like to have a small business. I don’t know if the corporate world is for me, but it is possible in the future.”

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