The Red Gown Controversy: Seniors Push for a Fashion Choice on Graduation Day

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The Red Gown Controversy: Seniors Push for a Fashion Choice on Graduation Day

Ofelia Reyes, Contributor

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As the last semester of senior year approaches, seniors are slowly preparing themselves for graduation day. They are beginning to purchase the necessities for graduation day like their cap and gown. Many seniors are not pleased with the color of the cap and gown.

This year, many seniors attempted to make a change in their cap and gown. In order to get support for the change in color of their cap and gowns, seniors campaigned all over school and social media.

A group of seniors that wish to stay anonymous created a “SRHSWhiteGown” Instagram page in order to campaign for a change in color for the gowns. A variety of SRHS seniors joined this campaign, hoping that this page would receive administration’s attention.

This campaign clearly stated, “Disclaimer! We are not saying that we should not have red gowns at graduation. We just want the option to also purchase a white gown. This gown can be worn by girls and boys. You choose what color to wear.” This was stated in order for every senior to be pleased with the color of their gowns because some students did not mind the color red.

As administration started to notice the campaign they asked for the posters around school to be taken down because it was causing various conflicts between students and administration.

This campaign was created by the students, for the students. Many seniors were upset to notice that their voices were not being acknowledged and that all the campaigning for a change in their color gowns was for nothing.

Many seniors are in full support of this attempt in change because they want to be able to purchase the color that they want with their money.

“It is not necessary for administration to choose the color of the gown we will wear, we can chose it ourselves it is our money not theirs,” stated Susana Oxlaj, a SRHS senior.

Since the cap and gown is not given to them for free, students demand to have the option of choosing the color. In past years SRHS had boys wear the red gown and the girls wear the white gown. Many current seniors like the idea of having two color gowns at graduation, but they want to have the students chose the color they want.

According to representatives of the campaign, SRHS administrators told students that parents would be convenient and save money, because they’d be able to pass down a gown from older children to younger siblings.

“Red is not the only color that represents our school. Our colors are red and white and it would be nice to have both these colors at graduation not just one,” stated Dulce Gonzales.

Many believe that administrators chose the color of the gowns. Even though students stated their opinions loud and clear, their voices did not make a change. Administrators did not respond to requests for comments on this story.

“It is upsetting that we were not able to choose our own gown color for our graduation but now we just have to deal with it and move on because it’s too late to make changes now,” said Nancy Diaz.

All that is left to do now is for class of 2019 to walk down the graduation aisle with their red gowns.

Although students were not able to make a change this year, the class of 2019 has proven to the rest of the school that they are willing to make their voices heard one way or another.