What’s the Move? Winning the Lunch Rush at SRHS


Sarah Ekman, Contributor

“Who’s driving to Andy’s today?” The infamous line slips out of at least one SRHS student every day.

Whether it is a yippy “Sure!” or a tug of surrender between two, the students eventually jump into a car and skid off onto the bustling road of San Pedro.

Now, San Pedro seems to behold many dangers.

Some students find the sluggish speed limit a concern. It subjects them to pricey fines and guilt as they race down the roads towards the awaiting food. Jackie Davis, a SRHS senior says that, “the speed limit can feel way too slow, especially when you’re stuck behind a person driving under it.”

For many of the SRHS students, Andy’s is more than just a local market; it was their “home” during their promiscuous childhood years. So, despite its rebuilding last year, Andy’s is still a San Rafael treasure. Ten years ago, groups of kids rode their bikes to buy a soda or sweet, now those same kids, and more, drive there to grab a quick, well-deserved lunch.

If I had to describe Andy’s in three words: Yerba Mate, hot bar, pricey.

The delicious hot bar features various types of food. It satisfies the needs of the carb-craving teenagers to the green-dieting athletes. Still, the two undeniable student favorites are the creamy mac’n’cheese and chicken tenders.

On “good-stocked” days the options can feel endless. There are arrays of salads, sushi, and snacks, as well as made-to-order sandwiches and cold self-serve items.

One controversy of Andy’s is its priciness. On average, a good-sized meal from the hot bar hurts a student’s wallet by about $12.00 and a full sized sandwich lies around $9.00.

Nevertheless, the best part of lunch at Andy’s Market is definitely the outdoor seating.

There are more than enough tables and benches for the students to share and enjoy their meals. The wall of the building shelters them from crazy wind and the overhang shades them on the hottest of days. On sunny, picturesque days, it feels like a dreamy Hollywood T.V. show. The palm trees and lights add to the scene’s charisma. This local market screams ultimate California vibes.

Now, for those that are not content with Andy’s sandwiches, one of the best sandwich shops in Marin is just on the other side of the highway from the school.

Michael’s Sourdough Sandwiches, better known as just “Mike’s,” attracts students from every district, not just SRHS. The quality is truly to die for.

The bread, the mayo, the lettuce, the wrapped pickle on the side…mhmm. Normally I am not a fiend for sandwiches, but Mike’s is something out of this world.

However, considering its distance from the school, traffic and the line there, time can be a bit of an issue. Hence, many students call in their order as soon as they buckle in their cars.

Athena Yetnikoff, a senior at SRHS says, “I don’t know how I am going to handle not having Mike’s for lunch when I leave for college next year.”

For the students who don’t have access to a car or have other cravings, Montecito Plaza is across the street of the school to answer their prayers.

A quick two minute walk and they have a multitude of places to choose from. In the mood for Mexican food, Chipotle is the very first restaurant you will encounter. Feeling for more of an authentic Mexican meal, Puentes Taqueria is a school-supportive favorite.

On the “left wing” of Montecito Plaza lies Bagel Street and Planet Juice, which boast of killer cream cheese and tangy smoothies. The “right wing” features Tommy’s Asian Bistro and Best Burger.

At Tommy’s, students can enjoy a combo of orange chicken and chow mein for just $5.00. Best Burger is owned by a local San Rafael family and has a variety of tasty “American” options.

So, where are you going to lunch today?