Flora Maldonado, Nanny


Bryan Maldonado, Guest Contributor

Flora Maldonado is a caring nanny who takes care of kids and who loves doing her job. 

What she enjoys doing for fun is walking, hiking, and exploring. This became part of her life because she knew what to do and enjoyed doing her job and it’s also been part of her family for generations. 

Her job can benefit the San Rafael community because this helps the owners save time because they might not have time to do it themself either because of their job. This benefits the kids’ parents because they won’t have to worry about it or stress about it. This helps out any community because when they get home they don’t have to worry about their home and kids because their nanny will have it all done. Also, by taking care of their kids she takes them to parks. Since Covid-19 happened they did less of that by staying home.

People get mixed up by thinking that the family she takes care of goes to her house. But this is not what happens; she is usually the one that goes to the family’s house to nanny there. Also, they usually first think that the family she takes care of comes to her house but it’s not like that she has to go to their house and they think it’s like cleaning houses.

She wanted to start doing this because her mom did this first so this motivated her to do the same. Also, because six families did it before her so for her it was pretty easy to start doing this because she knew a little more English and knew what to do because of generations. And because of this she needed no preparation or training because she knew how to do her job well. She started working at this job in the year 2000 when she came from Guatemala. So for six of her family generations they have been doing this so the first who started was tricky for them. Then after her they knew what to do and learned more English. She says, “The first one was hard for her because she was the first to learn about this job and know what to do.”

Flora Maldonado grew up in Guatemala and came to the U.S. School was bad for her because she had only gone to school for three years and didn’t learn much. What influenced her the most were her three sons which were two boys and one girl. This Influenced her by making her feel motivated to take care of her sons well. The school’s their sons went to were also SRHS. She didn’t really have a problem because she enjoyed doing her job and taking care of the kids. What she enjoyed the most is taking care of the kids by spending time with them. What she likes doing for fun is walk, look at nature, hike, and explore. 

What I learned from her is that she enjoys doing her job and that this job is probably special to her because it’s been part of her family for a long time. I learned that it was tough for her at first because she went to school for only three years so that she could give her sons a better future for them. But as time went on she learned and understood English more. I also learned about her job for generations as it got easier overtime but the first family didn’t really understand so it was hard for her because of her English and she needed to learn a lot for this job. But because of her the next families were easy doing this and understood more.

As you can see, she enjoys her job because it’s been part of her family and enjoys taking care of the kids. Also, she had to learn overtime with her family for generations. She says,’ “I enjoy doing this and taking care of them because I have been doing this for a long time and my family so it was pretty easy for me.’’ Her life at work is taking care of the kids so that the kids parents won’t come home and be worried. What she does with them is keep them safe, care for them, and do activities like going to parks and more.